Legion: Black Barracuda

“They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.”
Dorothy Parker

Legion: Black Barracuda Schools

My goals are like spokes on a wheel with myself at the center.

I don’t have a single goal like PvP or Super Raider, though those could be spokes for me to follow. Some goals support others in that I am currently focused on finding a Haste recipe to support my Resto-Druid when running dungeons and raids.

So far I have found only two real “hot spots” for fishing. I suspect that just yesterday that we got a hot-fix to ramp up the pools for Black Barracuda.

Black Barracuda Schools are found out in the “open water” which means that it is not tied to a zone. The best fishing for them is Azuregale Bay in the Suramar Zone; the rough coordinates are 81 53. No longer do you need to run around and around in circles the entire Broken Isles.

Runescale Koi Schools are found at Irongrove Retreat, also in Suramar. The coordinates are 25 31 and this is also a flight point, so super easy. Non-stop fishing is a relief and for farming materials.

Fishing these two spots, even though in Suramar is no threat since it is in the water and away from mobs. A hunter with the Water Strider pet, the Angler’s Fishing Raft are my two methods but there are many ways within the game.

Currently I use GatherMate2 and Gathermate_Sharing. These two addons mean I can share my “finds” with my guild and I can look at the map to see patterns.

I wrote before about the Arcane Lure and will remind you to chase the sleeping murloc when you toss him back in!

Happy fishing!

azuregale bay: suramar: black baraccuda schools: 81 53
irongrove retreat: suramar: runescale koi: 25 31

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