Professionally Disturbed

“Kiss me and you will see how important I am.”
Sylvia Plath

Professionally Disturbed

Today’s Date: September 11, 2016
Players Log: Waiting for hotfixes from the top.

Let us use Bendak’s First 10 Days of Legion as a spring board with his specific rant on Engineering. It is a good rant but he is not alone, writers are ranting while red-faced with righteous rage.

I’ve mentioned it before that I have felt that the Crafting Professions are a time choice via investment that would almost make it exclusive to other content. Meaning, to be successful in crafting gear that you’d not take the time to dungeon or raid or, really, have the time!

Many of the players who said that WoD “ruined” professions with their ease of mats and the high-quality of gear are now shocked that they got what they asked for. It is brutal and we saw it coming: that O-Forge to destroy gear to make better is a flaming flag of frustration.

I won’t go down the Crafting path.

My Engineers will wait. I am quite content with crafting Goblin Gliders, Jeeves and the world-wide portals. I have a mail box. Praise Elune that they did not nerf that stuff to force us into Reaves! That would have killed it. As it stands, I’ll wait for items that are not consumed at high cost.

Cooking and Fishing are awesome!

Herbing and Mining — well, they are what they are. I’ve yet to see hot clusters of nodes as a “go to” place to farm gather mats.

The Professions are a rough road.

The adage of “wait to max to go back to do professions” is still true but in a different light. I think I’ll wait until much later, perhaps patch 7.2, to look at investing in my stuff and, by then, hope that it is fixed.

2 thoughts on “Professionally Disturbed

  1. I think people want to ding 800 in professions as well as Exalted reps and everything in the first week or two, so that’s the point 🙂 They are so used to have every aspect maxed, that they don’t get it how it is to level up or linger at lower levels of everything.

    Despite the slow prof leveling process I am totally enjoying all the profession quests and pace. Only Cooking is very annoying because I am wasting mats into a black hole. The others are very reasonable. You could grind to speed it up, or you could just do world quests and explore Legion and still level your professions.

    My best profession is Tailoring, and I am at 748 so far, just grabbed the Suramar profession questing. I guess I won’t craft stuff for my main who has already outgrown in gear her profession skill. But she can and does craft some gear for the warlock and the priest.

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