Druid Healing: Legion Dungeons

“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.”
Martha Stewart

Druid Healing: Legion Dungeons

Today is: September 9, 2016.

Raids have not opened yet and we are running a ton of dungeons. They are fun and challenging now with a nice dash of player randomness. Eventually, we’ll be over-geared and play differently.

My style, as it were, is to support the tank. I put the star raid marker on the tank’s head and follow, follow, follow. I rarely say much except a “hi all” in the beginning.

In support of “my” tank, I use Ursol’s Vortex on trash pulls and often the level 60 talent Mass Entanglement. Aggressive DPS can make a mess of some of these pulls and my wish is to give the tank a chance to get a good tag on all of the mobs.

With the zoominess of the Demon Hunter tank, extremely popular right now in dungeons, I use the Level 30 talent Displacer Beast. It is right next to my Dash spell. If the tank is ready, I am ready.

My talent build is a raiding hybrid as I choose to pair Prosperity (level one talent) with Soul of the Forest (level 75 talent). Prosperity extra charge of Swiftmend jacks up the healing of Regrowth, Rejuv and Wild Growth. I almost always pair it with Wild Growth for the party heals. Add some Artifact Essence of G’Hanir and life is pretty good as a healer.

In the Level 90 tier, I use Germination. I love Spring Blossoms but those lazy DPS won’t take the two extra steps to stand in my mushroom circle. Dungeons can move pretty fast, so I’m obliged to use Germination.

Currently at our lower gear levels (just ending the second week of the expansion), I am using Stonebark for the tank and the extra heals it gives to the tank. When tanks die, they blossom into assholes. As my gear level goes up, I’ll change over to Flourish.

I choose the Balance Affinity for the extra five yards in casting range. The poor DPS can get lost over in a corner and panic and then spam their spells while dying rather than hoofing it over to the healer.

I only switch to Balance to spam a few spells when I feel that the DPS is lacking and that they should feel shame that the healer has to help them. It’s fun but not terribly powerful.

I imagine that, once into Mythic Dungeons that the above will be my set up.

Right now, we see a range of raw personalities in dungeons. The players want to be studs but they have little peckers. They curse and bitch and want to kick the lowest DPS when things hardly matter. They simply don’t know that they are not studs.

When gear levels go up, dungeons will become routine runs. I imagine that, over time, that I will learn the interrupts and switch to Mighty Bash. It has a ten yard range, fifteen with the Balance Affinity.

Almost all of my choices are based on Lissanna’s wonderful page, it can be found at Restokin. I return to that page plenty to understand the spells and talents and to reinforce my choices so that I’m playing strong and confident.

Tree Healers make darn good dungeon runners, enjoy the play style!


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