Legion: Third Relic

“Never trust the artist. Trust the tale.”
D. H. Lawrence

An Old Relic

My Druid got the third relic for the Artifact Weapon yesterday. Somewhere along the line I had lost track of the Druid Campaign and had to do catch-up which was all time based. It wasn’t until I realized that the reward was the third relic slot that I began paying attention.

The third relic slot is crucial early on.

Two Relics Three Relics
  • ilevel 810
  • 572 crit
  • 549 mastery
  • 5768 intel
  • 1340 stam
  • ilevel 846
  • 654 crit
  • 628 mastery
  • 8067 intel
  • 1874 stam

As you can see, the bump up in stats is pretty big. The jump in Intellect is astounding and I’m glad that I finally did it. My Hunter just dinged 110 this morning and is pointed in many directions but I won’t forget my Hunter Campaign.

4 thoughts on “Legion: Third Relic

  1. I’ve been hanging onto a few extra relics of the appropriate type so that when I finally get my Shaman Campaign finished — it’s been a bit tricksy to find time to go off and do that solo stuff when I want to spend most of my playtime playing together with my husband — I’ll have one on hand for that third socket.

    What I’m wondering, though, now that I’m past the thirteenth point and getting new artifact traits has slowed to a molasses-in-January crawl, is if it’s worth putting in a relic that boosts a trait I won’t get to for a long time, at the expense of an active trait that is currently being boosted, just for the overall ilevel upgrade.


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