Healing: At Last!

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
Sun Tzu

Healing: At Last!

We dedicated Healers have a rough road with the requirement to be a “regular player” so to speak. We have to quest, dps, travel and be awesome in a strange skin. This is especially true with the long drought (one year) in WoD when all we did was heal, heal, heal.

I healed two mythic dungeons last night with members of our soon-to-be raid team. One was a dungeon that I had never seen. Quick fights! Even on mythic, the boss fights were under two minutes. Sure, we wiped and found trash problem areas to solve but in all; it felt great to be healing again. It was a lot of responsibility but every player has a lot of responsibility in a dungeon.

World Quests are starting to feel like “for beginners”. I’ve not seen a gear upgrade in days. The hot-fix to have the Emissary Chest always include a piece of gear has always found that piece to be at minimum and only worthy of vendoring.

NB: Always use the highest ilevel of Relic, no matter what the passive buff is to your traits. The higher the ilevel, the higher the stats on your Artifact: that is the important thing.

My hunter dinged 110 and is now doing World Quests. My player fantasy of having a dedicated healer for raiding and a ranged dps to do the full loremaster run is getting closer. Right now, of course, he’s a wimp.

Gnomecore had some great advice for Alts. It is to, at minimum, get your Alt to 101 so the follower/champion mission table is open. Several visits a day for a quick reset of missions and your Alt is almost passively progressing. It has a brilliant style name: The Pawn Move.

Finally, I’m enjoying a new (to me) blog called Raid Advice. Clear, clean and concise: I’m in appreciation of the presentation.

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