Legion Noted: Sept. 20th

“Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”
Bob Marley

Legion Noted: September 20th.

These next few days will find me very chilled out. Maybe I’ll go herbing or something. Because next Tuesday is a Big Day.

1. World Bosses.
There should be one world boss that is up all week. This boss should drop high-end raid gear. Whether this piece is huge or not, we don’t know the loot tables yet. Still, expect the first day to the the “hot day” when everyone is doing it. An Ordos or Kazz experience with a graveyard nearby is my expectation.

2. Brewfest
Coren Direbrew should be dropping a nice trinket. This will not be the daily cache and so you can run and re-run until you get want you need. Again, no news yet. I assume the level to get in will be 109 and I don’t know the ilevel of the trinket. AND, don’t forget that we can trade gear now — since it is all the same ilevel, the machine may decide that none of them are tradable?

Why isn’t the Direbrew Remote a toy?

3. Keystones
Mythic Dungeons should now drop a keystone to unlock another dungeon of higher difficulty on a timer. Most of us are geared enough for a “regular mythic”, pardon my phrasing. The dedicated groups might grind through a few. With a 30 minute timer it is all or nothing.

4. Raiding
Normal and Heroic versions of the Emerald raid start on Tuesday as well. The week after will be LFR and Mythic openings (only wing one for the LFR). I expect the first boss to be as challenging as Blackhand or Hellfire Assault; once we’ve done it, we’ve got it down.

World Bosses and Coren Direbrew are both a fun way to catch-up on your ilevel of gear. Mythic Plus is brand new to Legion. And Raiding is fun: look for the bonus roll vendor near the Violet Hold Dungeon, enter the area and look to your right by the pseudo-portal. I’d say Ancient Mana or Gold will be the currency.

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