Ranking Cooking

“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”
Julia Child

Ranking Cooking

I made a mistake.

I thought that the more you cooked a recipe that it would trigger the next rank up. Not at all, not even close. One learns the next rank by research with Nomi.

Be patient, only cook up what you need at the time. Look at the Unlearned list on your nifty profession pane and aim for your best food. The amount of food “burned” on Nomi is a lot less than you would by cooking.

Only cook enough for what you need. Don’t cook what you don’t need, let the research fill your recipe list.

The caution is that in some later patch that we are sure to get newer and more powerful recipes. Over-investing now by thinking that these are our “end game” recipes could be a mistake.

Keep an eye on the Unlearned so you are not investing research mats into recipes you already know as that would be a dead end.

The same seems to be true for Herbaling. It is not the volume of materials gathered but the quests you get along the way. I don’t know if you can push it to force a profession quest.

So, I am done cooking! I have my 375 haste buff food. I’m done. All I need to do is passively encourage Nomi to keep doing research. I see that with the community feast that the buff would be 200 which is a lot lower than my best personal food.

Make your own choice. The Dev Chat sessions taught us that Blizzard considers buff foods and flasks to be for players who min/max rather than the norm. So, in normal and heroic dungeons and raids; why buff up?

Still, if it is provided in the game as part of the journey design; I am in. I love to be buff!

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