The Big Day

“In war, you win or lose, live or die – and the difference is just an eyelash.”
Douglas MacArthur

The Big Day

A lot of stuff unlocks in a few hours. I even parked my character next to the bonus roll Vendor so that I’d not forget to pick them up.

The Emerald raid opens and I’ll be healing tonight. I think that it had better be damned easy on Normal, which we’ll be doing. Professions are so lengthy in process and in practice that I won’t have Flasks for a raid. For the first time: ever.

While Blizzard has made professions “fun, exciting and immersive”, they have also crippled us as raiders and dungeoneers. I read up on Alchemy and it isn’t until you get to the 26th profession quest that you see flasks as a recipe.

So, maybe in two months it will all come together. Then the profession guys will have a factory set up and we all can have reasonable access to the goods. Which is why I say that Normal raiding had better be damned easy. Otherwise it is bad design.

Right? We can look at a system as players and declare what we see. This is not some mysterious reveal that we are all waiting for and hoping to be astonished. Raids open tonight, most players are around 830 on average, we don’t have flasks or gems or enchants. If that lack makes us wipe at 5% over and over, it is bad design.

My expectation is that the first boss will and should be easy. Blackhand and Hellfire Assault was not hard. My fear is that it will be over-designed like everything else in Legion. My anticipation is that it will be fun to party up and raid some new encounters.

Brewfest has one new toy. That will (finally) tip me over to 300 toys and I can let that striving desire rest until the next patch!

Mythic Plus — I don’t’ know what to say about it. I’ve read that the best gear that you can get is 850 and that is the level of gear drops on Normal raiding. I love the challenge of mythic dungeons but you only need one weak link; and I hope it won’t be me! People will want to do it — there is zero doubt about it, I’ve seen it talked in guild chat for weeks now.

Raiding Tips: be rested, have water on hand, stand and walk when you can, take breaks, keep expectations reasonable, tease the girls and pull their pigtails. Well, maybe not the last one.


2 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Good luck with raiding! Myself is waiting for the LFR opening next week, with all the pleasures and disasters of this mode.

    I need that Brewfest toy of course, and lack ca 15-20 for the 300 achievement.

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