First Impressions

“Coffee is a language in itself.”
Jackie Chan

First Impressions: World Boss and Emerald Nightmare

I drifted for a couple of hours wondering about the World Boss. He was there all along, he looked just like any other World Quest except he had a long timer. No special icon to alert me to his where-abouts.

One character got gold twice, using the bonus roll. Another character got two pieces, a ring and a cloak, which I immediately spent the gold on to have enchanted. The bonus roll currency caps at six, which is kind of odd. I’m sure that one bonus roll a week will be spent on the World Boss for a long time.

With Kazz, you could not return and use a bonus roll on a second kill. I imagine that is the same.

I found the loot tables for all the World Bosses here. It would appear that Nithogg drops Head pieces, a Holy relic and ring/cloak under “other”. Good to know for future bonus rolls.

It was a Kazz/Ordos experience. I didn’t die either time. The first I ran up to find a nice big group and tagged in. The second, I used Custom and joined a formed raid group. Any solution will work. It was outdoors, plenty of room to move.

Raiding was fun. The group was excited to see new stuff. We “one shot” the first boss, as expected. The second boss was the Eye Guy with Tentacles and we did not kill him. After the first boss, there is a portal system that you can choose which boss to take on. We chose Un’goro Crater and the Eye Guy.

I expect some nerfing hot-fixes on Spew Corruption. But, in reality, we had to learn the fight and we are barely geared so bad stuff lasts longer. In time I’ll write up my healing experiences but right now I’ll say “healers are fine, it is chaos”.

We are reminded of Brackenspore with the fire extinguishers and the shifting mechanics. Our raid team spent a lot of time learning that fight as the “third boss” which got soooo much easier with higher gear.

Finally, I got my Sausage Hat toy with less than an hour in Brewfest. I’m done with Brewfest as the trinket drop is 810. With such a low level trinket and the entry level of 110, not many people will be striving hard for that trinket. The “new” 110s, I imagine.

It was a good day to be in Azeroth.

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