Legion: Profession Alts

“Strategy is buying a bottle of fine wine when you take a lady out for dinner. Tactics is getting her to drink it.”
Frank Muir

Legion: Profession Alts

Now is the time, I think. I am on a raid schedule again. My raider still has a lot to do in Suramar etc. But, I am beginning to put time into my Profession Alts.

I use Wow-Professions Leveling Guides. I have been using this site since WotLK along with its farming guides as well.

This site is clean, simple and clear. Step-by-step with advice when it matters like:
If you plan to make your Alchemy trinket [Infernal Alchemist Stone], then you should wait until you reach exactly 739, then craft the trinket. You get 5 points for crafting the trinket when it’s orange. It turns yellow at 740, so if you craft it at 739, your skill will jump to 744.

For me, I want Alchemy first to support my Raider. Surprised, this Alt is “friendly” in three zones at only 104. Best guess is that my Main was pushing for Honored for the shoulder enchants the first time around.

One must realize that the Profession Alt has to jump through a series of hoops to get viable and productive. At least to 110 and with some gear to hold one’s own against mobs. Anticipate a few quests in Suramar as well.

You will unlock the flask recipes sold by Patricia Egan after you finish “Testing the Calibration” quest. (around 26th quest in the quest chain)

It is a bit of a trap having Profession Alts in Legion. You can’t just park them and feed them mats. Knowing how far to go with your character is the key to staying reasonable in your efforts.

So far, the biggest hassle are the dungeon runs with profession quests. The dungeons themselves, I think are fine — it is the Cue Time. Average Wait Time and Actual Time rarely line up and you can wait … and wait.

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