Druid Healer: Power Moves

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
Dr. Seuss

Druid Healer: Power Moves

While raiding in Warlords of Dreanor, we had some combinations (or synergy of Talents) that could heal the entire hurting raid up to max. Heart of the Wild (if I remember that name right) plus Incarnation and then Tranquility was monstrous powerful. It would be called a Signature Move for us Resto-Druids.

When not combined, our trusty Tranquility could heal up the raid some and often not over-come the bad stuff that the tank was dealing with; on it’s own it felt pretty weak.

I was working with some dancers in the 1990’s, lovely ballerinas and modern dancers who had begun doing some single-handed handstands and odd flips, contorted and painful to my eyes, but flashy. I asked what they were doing. I was told that a dancer needs to have a Signature Move on the dance floor to be noticed at the hip-hop clubs.

We Resto-Druid need to have our own signature moves to distinguish ourselves among the other healers. Bad ass stuff. Here in Legion, we won’t have that same power move that we had in WoD but we can do some good stuff; when we run combinations.

Swiftmend with the Prosperity Talent, followed by Wild Growth with the Soul of the Forest Talent, followed by the Flourish Talent and then our Healing Staff spell: Essence of G’Hanir, should be a chart-topping combination.

I have not “artifacted up” to getting Tranquility down to two minutes but I can see that Incarnation does not boost Tranquility. My best guess (and I could be wrong) that our Healing Staff spell could double the ticks on Tranquility making it luster and shine on a predictable two minute cycle.

Where are the theory-crafters? We need to peel back the tool-tips to see what is really cooking on the stove. Some things are counter-intuitive, I seem to remember (somewhere, probably in Alpha) reading that our mushroom is not a HoT! Seems that it should be, right? Yet, the Spring Blossoms talent which sits on our mushroom (when it procs) IS a HoT!

Some things make me nervous. The tool-tip for Stonebark, for example. “Reduces the cooldown of Ironbark by 30 sec, and it increases the healing from your heal over time effects by 20%.” ALL heal over times on everybody or just the guy who got Ironbark cast on him? It can be read two ways if you are used to frail tool-tips.

In the big picture, I suppose it doesn’t matter on the path to success. We’ll heal in our style and try to make sense of exploiting our Mastery as best we can.

Still, we want to look good on the meters too! We need our power moves.

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