Rook Takes Pawn

“Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf.”
Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

Rook Takes Pawn

NB: WordPress ate my last posting. How frustrating! Let’s try this again. I wonder if that last post will show up?

Gnomecore’s opening gambit called The Pawn Move is brilliant. If you have an Army of Alts, you move each Alt up to 101 to start doing missions while you focus on your Main.

The next move, with apologies to Gnomecore, I will call Rook Takes Pawn. This is when you move an Alt up to 105. This gives some more resources and two more followers. Thus continuing the march of your soldiers across the board.

I’ve started using NomiCakes as an addon. I shudder to think of the amount of materials I have burned in a dark alley with no result. This will ensure that I can research recipes that I can, in fact, earn.

I healed Mythic Plus Eye of Azshara yesterday. We did not come close to beating any timer. It was hard, challenging, frustrating and fun. It is the first week of Mythic Plus and we are barely geared. I’m glad we tackled it.

There is an Artifact quest for me at the end of Mythic Eye of Azshara. Yesterday, I did not get the item! Wowhead says that you can not get it on Plus.

I put in a ticket anyways, that would be a brutal choice on their part.

I paid 10,000 gold for five flasks so I can raid tonight. That is one rough Entry Fee for raiding. I hope prices drop soon. Or, I can get my Alchemist up to speed, eh?

I am finding Legion to be complicated, packed, stuffed, dense and challenging on a “time spent” level. Trying to (as we must) raid, dungeon, professions, rep, achieve, world quest and artifact up with each single facet being semi-opaque is a lot for any player!

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