LFR: Darkbough

“The last book I read was the book I’ve been rereading most of my life, The Fountainhead.”
Vince Vaughn

LFR: Darkbough

This is the first wing of The Emerald Nightmare.

  • Item level needed: 825
  • It takes under an hour.
  • The trash on the path, avoid the icky fog on the ground. That stuff spawns adds.
  • The Second boss, the Eye, make sure everyone is there in the area. If someone tries to hide outside, the blobs will fixate on them and reset the fight (over and over again). Recommendation: wait, ask, then kick if you have to.
  • Augment Runestones are dropping again.

On this first week – first day of the LFR, the run was pleasant. The trash takes forever as trash always does. The players were quiet and wanted to succeed.

Running my non-raiding hunter was a treat. It was fun to DPS and see the fights. Thanks to the World Quests, I felt that I’d get very few upgrades which makes me wonder how long before there is no reason to run the LFR. Will interest drop quickly?

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