Legion Gates

“It’s useless to play lullabies for those who cannot sleep.”
John Cage

Legion Gates

Reading one of the “blue tweets”, there was a complaint that a reward was only possible when in a raid, not the LFR. The response was that it is simply a cosmetic look and therefore reasonable.

I agree, that sounds reasonable. If you want something, you will do something you don’t really like to do. That is Life!

It has been one month since Legion dropped. We have seen nothing new in additional content yet. That whole “we understand now” bit that will keep us going and happy has not arrived, it will.

Part of the reason we have not blown through all of the content is that almost every thing is gated. Perhaps the better world is “paced”. Our advancement has a pacing designed in the game so that you can not (for example) blow through Alchemy to 800 and have all of the recipes in one day.

I’m enjoying myself though I feel like I am behind everyone else and I suspect that everyone else feels the same way. As a healer, I feel good and competent but I don’t feel “strong”. My Artifact advancement feels slow and cumbersome. I don’t know if I will ever arrive to a place of powerful. Scaling and all that stuff.

I am herbing way too much. I’d like to have some raiding flasks and be done for a while. It is keeping me from doing other things that also take time. It ALL takes time, there is no “quick dungeon run”.

The pacing is designed to draw out the experience so that we cannot complain! We knew this a year ago when we saw the systems involved in Legion. Experiencing it is another thing entirely.

Muffinus, the wonderful game designer, asks on Twitter about what incentives do players need to go … do the stuff. I wonder if players are beginning to skip stuff because it is too much hassle, too slow, like walking in mud.

The tone of this posting feels negative and that is not my intention. I am eager to get back in and do “more stuff”!

5 thoughts on “Legion Gates

  1. Ditto for me. To make matters worse, my husband also plays and is willing to stay up later/get up earlier to “get things done” which means I’m perpetually falling further and further behind. I do wish it were easier for players to level herbalism/alchemy this expansion; the prices in the AH are exorbitant, especially for someone who didn’t milk their Draenor garrisons for millions in gold the way she should have!

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    • “To make matters worse, my husband also plays and is willing to stay up later/get up earlier to “get things done” which means I’m perpetually falling further and further behind.”

      This for me, too. Though my husband is starting a new job in one week that will change up our household routine rather a lot, and then we’ll be on more equal footing in terms of how much time we have available in the day for playing WoW.

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  2. I gave up “keeping up with the Joneses” long ago and embraced my own pace. I am never behind because I’m doing what I want to do. I only have myself to contend with and even that can be too much at times! 🙂

    One thing I did notice in beta was the loss of that powerful feeling. It reminded me of Vanilla and the thrill of finally taking something(s) down after dying multiple times. I experienced that again in some of the class artifact weapon quests. Even if they were bugged or not finely tuned, I still enjoyed the challenge and the accomplishment of figuring out the encounter.

    Many attributed that loss – during beta, not up to speed with live Legion – to how important a role the artifact weapon plays in a growing sense of power and assumed we’ll get that feeling back. What if we don’t and it’s more like Vanilla?

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