Resto King

Josephus: [pouring the Empress some wine] Say when.
Empress Nympho: [she looks him up and down] 8:30.
History of the World: Part 1

Resto King

After a month in Legion, I’m still in my Resto spec with the Balance Affinity. I love it and enjoy the play-style.

Now; in time I might, and probably should, migrate to a pure DPS spec like Feral or Balance. However, I’m quite content.

I run with a tanking bodyguard who can disappear at times and get lost. I don’t mind, that old soldier fights hard for me. With Typhoon as an interrupt, I feel that we are doing just fine questing and doing world quests.

This Druid can put a mushroom down and help those heathen damage dealers and never get much thanks. We healers rarely get our due. Still, Tranquility shows little discrimination; healing like a Sister of Elune!

With Dash and Displacer Beast, I put Moonfire on 2; same as my Affinity Talent so we can zoom along and tag mobs and get a-going on the next task. It is good to be the king.

The Artifact tool tip says that for each trait that we add, the damage goes up 1%. I was mystified why a healer would want to do damage but the way we roll in Resto, this old tree’s damage is 18% higher than when the journey started a month ago!

Rawr! It is good to be the king.


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