A post on the World of Warcraft


“Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.”
Robbie Coltrane


Borrowing (with full respect, not stealing!) a concept from Gnomecore, today’s post is a sort of Notes from the Field post. Bits and pieces.

  • Today’s Rep Bonus Event starts today. Just how much will it bump up?
  • Raid Advice offers a handy Innervate Weak Aura which I grabbed immediately. This, in an article about treating it as a raid cooldown, is very good … raid advice!
  • I am one bar from filling my second major artifact trait. That kind of progress can consume/obsess your play-time, be careful!
  • I was lucky last week and got 860 hands. Since I’ll be wearing them awhile, I invested 900g on the Legion Herbalism enchant. It’s nice, very nice.
  • Kamalia Et Alia has a new Sunday on the Promenade post. I will announce that it must be “working as intended” since I end up singing bit by bit, putting it together from Sunday in the Park with George. Every time.
  • I am missing the postings from Bodhi Rana. He is not happy with Legion and I assume gave up blogging. Pity, I liked his style but … WoW and life moves on.

Okay, lets get some breakfast and go play WoW.

Happy Hunting!


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