“Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.”
Robbie Coltrane


Borrowing (with full respect, not stealing!) a concept from Gnomecore, today’s post is a sort of Notes from the Field post. Bits and pieces.

  • Today’s Rep Bonus Event starts today. Just how much will it bump up?
  • Raid Advice offers a handy Innervate Weak Aura which I grabbed immediately. This, in an article about treating it as a raid cooldown, is very good … raid advice!
  • I am one bar from filling my second major artifact trait. That kind of progress can consume/obsess your play-time, be careful!
  • I was lucky last week and got 860 hands. Since I’ll be wearing them awhile, I invested 900g on the Legion Herbalism enchant. It’s nice, very nice.
  • Kamalia Et Alia has a new Sunday on the Promenade post. I will announce that it must be “working as intended” since I end up singing bit by bit, putting it together from Sunday in the Park with George. Every time.
  • I am missing the postings from Bodhi Rana. He is not happy with Legion and I assume gave up blogging. Pity, I liked his style but … WoW and life moves on.

Okay, lets get some breakfast and go play WoW.

Happy Hunting!

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