Of Roses and Bear Butts

“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.
Adlai Stevenson II

Of Roses and Bear Butts

Once Upon A Time, and it wasn’t so long ago; I was on the faculty at a small private college. With Full Time comes committee work, mentoring and … office hours. The bureaucratic machinery assigned my office hours at the same time that all of my students (and their faculty) were in mandatory technique classes.

The time-stamp was the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King and so with a free unmolested hour on my hands and chained to duty; I researched the wonderful World of Warcraft in my office! I found Wow Insider and Big Red Kitty and I also found an interesting man blogging as The Big Bear Butt.

We, as players, run hot and cold over many years of involvement in WoW. I followed Big Bear Butt off and on and then some time ago, I read a post informing us that he was dropping the Art of the Blog and moving into the action-packed arena of Social Media.

Quelle suprise, the Big Bear Butt is back in action. Thanks to The Dreamgrove, I am pointed back to his blog and once again, looking in on his intelligent observations. It is good to see the old bear stretching his claws again.

Starlight Rose
If you are an Herbalist, you are obsessing on harvesting enough herbs to get flasks and pots for raiding (perhaps!). Early life can be miserable and you are fighting through mobs to get to that one more it-really-matters plant-to-pick. It is rough.

Life is much better in the later stages when you get Rank 3. If one puts together an Herbing Package, the grind is less … grindier?

  • The shoulder enchant, Harvester, from the Dreamweavers.
  • The glove enchant, Legion Herbalism, speeds up your pick time by a lot.
  • The Sky Golem or the Mechanized Lumber Extractor lets to pick herbs while mounted. The SG is made by engineers, the MLE is from collecting 300 toys; of which I have both!
  • A decent path for finding your flowers.

With Starlight Rose, it is the long road from the flight path by the Arcanist to the entrance to Val’Sharah. I usually start at the Irongrove Retreat flight point. Up and down the road, over and over again, typically with something (almost anything) on television or (dear Elune) political talk radio.

I have found with the mount and gloves that I can get to a node, pick it and skip out of there before I am bothered by mobs: much different than when I started. You might want to start with the mount and gloves too. Even pick a pair of gloves to put on when dedicated to herbing that live in your bags!

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