Depth of Class

“Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you’re two steps ahead!”
Fannie Flagg

Depth of Class

Today is: October 12, 2016 — Patch 7.0.3

I’m getting more steeped into the depth of my healing class. Last night, I finally topped my rival (a Shaman!) in the healing charts. My guess is a combination of gear and a much better use of my Talents.

I’ve been sifting through Here is the link that I bookmarked to return to in my time of need or interest. Not every fight is the same and you can easily see the top Resto-Druid choices for each fight and how different they can be.

Props and kudos to Raid Advice for getting me pointed in a good direction. It was Learn from the logs: Picking the Top Talents as the article that I’m referring to; give it a long look. Good stuff, good blog.

My first legendary! Tearstone of Elune is probably the most common legendary (I got it in the LFR, how about that?) and I’m stoked to put it to good use. I see at Warcraft Logs that a lot of healers use it but I suspect it is due to lack of choices. It is very early still.

Enchanted immediately, gemmed soon. I promise.

I blogged before about leaving WoD with 2.4 million gold. I did my best to take full advantage of the gold rush. After a month-and-a-half in Legion, I’m sitting on the same amount.

What I did NOT blog about was the other 100’s on a different server. Their job was simply to make gold with no intention to move them forward. Tired of herbing, I took a bunch of their gold and bought stuff off of the Auction House. Now I don’t have the need to herb but can when an old movie is on cable or during a football game.

I got the achievement for 500 World Quests! Also a lot of 810 gear, it was discouraging.

The hotfix for TODAY is as follows:
Items rewarded from emissary bags now more closely match the quality of World Quest rewards.

Only 500 quests too late, but still; it is finally fixed.

Fight the good fight!


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