Community Service

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

A Service to the Community

If you are farming or fishing and planning to play for a while, put up a Realm Hop. As long as you are not questing it bothers you none and helps random strangers who have need.

It is pretty easy to do, nine intuitive steps, and we have all wanted to Realm Hop to hunt for Rares, battle pets and to farm for Foxflower without some speedy kid beating you to all of the goodies. Mercy on us, we have shared nodes now, but our “special zones” get crowded.

  1. Go to Group Finder
  2. Click Premade Groups
  3. Custom
  4. Click Start a Group
  5. Title: Realm Hop PvE
  6. List Group
  7. Click Auto-Accept
  8. Close the window
  9. Click on your Avatar and “Convert to Raid”

When you are done, either Delist and let them trickle away or simply Leave Party via your Avatar.

You’ll feel good when you see your “raid” fill up. It will be tidal, waxing and waning. A simple service to the community; good for you!

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