Herbing in Legion

“There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.”
Charles Kettering

The Farmer in the Dell

Once upon a time, during the late, great Mists of Pandaria; there was a patch that added the need for Ghost Iron Ore. The need was jumping up (I think we could make Sky Golems and some toys like Pierre) and many people were farming ore.

Like many others, I flew over to the quest area, that mesa, where we did the Tiller dailies. You know the spot. Surely I had been there many times before; a-grinding away at mining ore and skinning.

This once upon a time, there were many miners and, like a fairy tale, the nodes were plentiful and the mining was continuous. How could this be? Why did we see endless nodes to farm non-stop?

I hopped on my Sandstone Drake and flew in the four directions. I’d watch my screen when I would change to a new mini-zone. There were miners down in the hills, also mining non-stop yet within the named zone.

Which means that nodes will respawn faster when the zone is depleted. A lot faster. This also means that when you deplete only an area that the spawn rate is what we’d call “normal” and kind of slow because the rest of the mini-zone still has untouched nodes.

I herb plenty. Like everyone else, Starlight Rose with it’s one flower per node, is super priority. I wonder if (a mighty big if) I could get six herbalists and pwn the area between the bridge and the gates of Val’Sharah (where the bears are!) and get non-stop Starlight Roses. We’d get non-stop bears too, but that is okay. Maybe 13 players, maybe like those mini-raids that form for fishing.

We can’t fly yet so we can’t really “map out” where the borders are on these mini-zones or named areas. And I can’t prove it beyond that one experience in MoP, but I think that is how the mechanic works for node respawning.

Feathermane Hunting Grounds
It starts at the bridge and ends before you reach the gates of Val’Sharah. It has a border at the river and then ends uphill before it gets too rocky. It is a smallish zone and I’ll really like to give it a go.

3 thoughts on “Herbing in Legion

  1. Ooh pick me to come herb.
    I spend so much time gathering starlight rose and it’s never enough.. between keeping z in flasks and spares (if any) into the guild bank, herbing SR is a massive part of my day.
    Herbing is a guild activity atm and I have plans to herb SR tonight in a group before we even go look at other activities.

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