Patch 7.1 – Goodies!

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Patch 7.1 — Goodies!

All things can change, we know that with data-mining. Here are my highlights since everyone knows about Kara and new questing areas.

Lists and more lists. A visit to MMO Champs 7.1 PTR Build 22578 will give you a nice overview of the patch. A visit to WowDB will give you a 13 page (exhaustive) list of all of the new items.

I think everyone is interested in the new Blood of Sargeras vendor. An image of the exchanges can be found here. There will be a huge dip in the herb/ore/leather market after the patch, then it will rise again to about half the price of what things are now: I’d guess!

We will be able to upgrade our legendaries to 925. A quick glace suggests the LFR grinds from WoD to collect essences and a (plus five) step at a time.

Tailors will (its about time!) be able to make a 30 slot bag. To avoid competition, I’ll be selling all my hexweave bags over the next two weeks.

I love my toys. The Big Red Raygun is clearly an homage or nod to our hunter hero; Big Red Kitty — long time blogger and pioneer.

I wonder if anyone can sit in the Bag of Twigs? It is only 3%, but that’s quite the boost.

Ho Hum. A new cooking recipe: Spiced Wildfowl Omelet which looks exactly like another recipe that we already know. Warden’s rep.

The new Drums of the Mountain will (very likely) make my Draenor Drums “work only in Draenor”. That would be painful and narcissistic of the designers.

We knew about the upcoming hidden belt for Tmog, didn’t we? I see a new item Hidden Tabard. That looks to be big news but we’ll have to wait and see what is what.

Twenty-three new companion pets; many from the new Raiding with Leashes and some from the holidays.

Six new mounts. Lots of toys, gear, quest items.

Like I said, the list is exhaustive and likely to change. Two weeks away, c’mon patch 7.1!

3 thoughts on “Patch 7.1 – Goodies!

  1. Ty for the bag heads up. I’m going to dump mine today. They’ve been steady around 900g. Can’t complain. Been making them for free with resources for months

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