More Healing Numbers

“I wanted to play saxophone, but all I could get were a few squeaks.”
Stevie Ray Vaughan

More Healing Numbers

Ack, thanks to Raid Advice, I could become a numbers junkie. Our Raid Leader, who is very smart, is using Warcraft Logs now and we could refresh the page as we were playing and look at our collective and individual numbers between bosses.

Pretty cool, huh?

Last night we ran the table on Emerald Nightmare on Normal. In one night, with 15 minutes to spare. For a casual raid team with many breaks and Hallow’s Eve wand use, I think we were all proud of ourselves. We even played with the costume box from Kara, thanks to one of our tailors.

Of course it doesn’t end with Warcraft Logs, how could it? Our Raid Leader also introduced us to Check My Wow. Here is (if it works) a link to my fight with Ursoc; right here. Here I can see Cast Efficiency and Lifebloom uptime. It is pretty incredible. Key Metrics, Resource Management and Cooldown Usage are the major tabs for me on this fight alone.

Now, like I said, we waltzed through Normal. I can see fights where I didn’t use Tranquility at all — because we didn’t need it! I can see on the Xavius fight that my numbers were clean with high numbers (we can mostly stand still and spam).

With healing, it is always a balance between needed heals, over-healing and mana usage. We don’t really get into a “rotation” like the Deeps. However, if I am getting close to 100% Soul of the Forest, then I’m in a groove and on my way to maxing my potential as a Druid.

There is no metic for Rot Splash or Caught in Brambles or Doh!. Mechanics and the players themselves will ever impact the healer and: this is the fun part!

Sunday: Heroic Emerald Nightmare begins. Rawr.

Practice makes perfect is, in itself, a flawed adage. Perfect practice makes perfect works for me; working on your skills and technique is what it is all about. Once you can play scales, then you can start to play music.

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