7.1 – Class Balance

“Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope.”
Edith Wharton

7.1 – Class Balance

Imagine that there are 7 million players in WoW. Now, divide that by 36 for each of the classes. You will get 194,444 Druid Healers.

Imagine those hearty Druid Healers playing WoW! Some are doing PvP and loving it. Some are invested in Mythic Plus Dungeons. Others are raiding like crazy trees. Still others are happy to quest in Balance Affinity and never die. A few might love 3v3 Arenas.

Maybe two of those 194,444 Druid Healers have opened their third major artifact trait. 64,814 Druids are on a different path up the trait tree than the others.

So; how can 7.1 have massive (or any) class balancing? How can anyone, even a developer designer, decide that any spell or talent is over-performing or under-performing?

The math to get the Big Picture would be staggering. The variables in player choices and decisions are too many to make a guess. The list of changes in 7.1 is a very (very) long list. Granted, many are simply updated tool-tips to reflect hot-fixes that were done in an emergency basis.

How is it done? It is a mystery to me.

If they were only looking at Mythic Plus and weighing the success rate versus other teams with other healers and factoring in each combination of tank with it’s own special heal or damage reduction and then looking at every combination of melee and ranged and then looking at each dungeon design — then it would be a gross and rude slap to those not running Mythic Plus.

Gear available, spells, talents, artifact, gemming and enchanting (or not), stat stacking (or not), encounter, spell sniping, progression, raid size, battleground size are some of the factors that I can think of — there must be at least thirty more!

It can’t be so simple as looking at the most popular talent choices and nerfing them to (force) encourage players to choose different talents — while we are locked into talents once we start playing; could it? I hope not, that is lazy and bad game design; I can’t believe that would be it.

I’m confused. How can we get a class balance patch when no one is done with their Artifact weapon?


2 thoughts on “7.1 – Class Balance

  1. I doubt that the popularity of talents is the only thing designers consider, but I’m sure it’s something they look at (and their data is likely to be far superior to what is data mined through WoW Popular, likely broken out by venue). Blizzard has stated in the past something to the effect of, “when all players feel as though they must have X to do well, X should either be built into the class or tweaked to provide variety.” It *is* frustrating to be nerfed, especially when it seems like a more palatable solution would have been to have strengthened one or more alternative talents. I can only assume that the designers felt Restoration Druids were slightly over performing relative to other healers (I’m not saying that I agree). Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in the room with designers and presumably analysts to see just how they make these types of decisions?

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