Patch 7.1: Easily Missed Notes

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
H. L. Mencken

Patch 7.1: Easily Missed Notes

Auction House
In the Dev Chat before the last one, Watcher admitted that the Auction House sucked and he even suggested that you should get an addon (that had to hurt). What is being fixed is how the AH decides what to show first.

Currently if one item is up for 15g and three items are up for a total of 20g, the AH sees that single unit as cheaper. This is why we see rows and rows of singles even if it is a better deal (so to speak) to buy three in a bundle.

I’m looking forward to this one: pay attention!

Posted back in mid-September, from Wowhead.

Hide Belt
We can now transmog our belts to not display.

Upgrade gear
An Up Arrow will show on a piece of gear in your bag if it is an upgrade! Players can now argue how wrong the choice is due to secondary stats. hehe.

Flight Path
You DO know that you can click on the Flight Path map and zoom in? Good, that is already in place. In 7.1, when you mouse over a FP; if a quest is close it will light up. Meaning it will help you choose the right FP to get to the quest you are hunting down. This might be the best improvement in the patch!

There is a very technical article here in the forums.

What will be happening is that we are losing things like arrows in dungeons and raids. Addons that give us /range 8 should not be working anymore. Watcher has stressed that addons like Tom Tom out in the world should still work fine.

No, DBM is not going away.

This will impact healers. My addon has an arrow to point me to players out of range. Finding that dead guy to battle rez in a raid is going to … be much harder now.

3 thoughts on “Patch 7.1: Easily Missed Notes

  1. hmm, is that change to arrows going to work with addons such as vudho I wonder. I have it set not only to grey a person’s panel out if they are not in range but also puts an arrow pointing in their direction. Incredibly handy if I’m trying to locate the direction to run a player who’s strayed from my range and is in need of heals.
    I’ll be pretty unimpressed if I can’t see the direction arrow on Vuhdo anymore.

    And while DMB isn’t going away.. does that mean /range8 (etc) won’t bring up that little circle that goes green when you’re far enough away from other players.. because quite frankly my sense of distance is screwy without that little visual.

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      • That’s a really interesting deletion (if it makes it to live) especially when thought about inconjuction with how certain abilities aren’t trackable.. such as brambles on Cenarius.

        It makes me feel that the game devs want a change in direction, umm away from mods tracking things or a return to players not relying on addons?
        I’m not sure what exactly it is but it’s making me think something along those lines.


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