Alpha Healer

Father Mulcahy: [offering to go through the local black market, for needed medicines] You’d be surprised what a priest can get away with.

Alpha Healer

The kid in Mom’s basement playing WoW: that stereotype has long been debunked. The balance of player age and gender and education and nationality is well known and comfortable now-a-days. We have got range!

It is time to debunk the Healer Myth. Gone should be the days of the passive Mom who plays WoW as a healer; staying in the background, following the group and essentially clueless to mechanics. Fie and faw! Healing is for girls: balderdash!

Healers are tough guys. And tough gals. Face it, deeps:
we … are … waiting … on … you.
Get a move on, for Elune’s sake; there are bosses to down and timers to beat! Healers are putting up skulls and kill order because y’all are lost in your own recount numbers; move!

Like Matt Low (Matticus) says over at Blizzard Watch:

  • Bring your vendor food and stop relying on healers to heal you in between pulls because we’re competing for time/chests and if we’re healing you in between pulls it means we can’t drink to gain mana back which means completion times are jeopardized holy moly y’all it’s 2016 why is this still a thing?!

Yes, I’ve heard the stories. Healers offering to join mythic runs for a fee. It is disgusting! There is a basic decency to the class that must be upheld. The minion-like dps are striving to succeed, have a little mercy on their plight.

Tough, thick-skinned, ambitious; don’t let us leave you in our dust.

Step up or stay on the sidelines.


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