Organizing 7.1

“The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.”
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Organizing 7.1

Have you ever, for example, seen someone who is wearing a very trendy haircut – and it looks bad? They think they look great but you are embarrassed for them. It is like this with Blizzard’s Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan Survival Guide. Embarrassing and clocks in at a mere two minutes.

As ever, the great MMO Champs have stepped up with their exhaustive list with Patch 7.1 Live This Week. Better, much better; a true Survival Guide.

As you look over the listings, it is clearly too much stuff. Too much stuff to deal with all at once. I won’t even suggest how you might cope with the staggering weight of this patch but I will tell you MY list of what I’ll be doing.

Update Addons
DBM is politely pissed at the changes. Nonetheless, expect updates of all of your addons over the next 48 hours.

Get your Bonus Rolls
And visit that other guy who gives a “do it in a week” quest on the other side of Violet Hold.

Check out the Action Camera
/console ActionCamera On should work but I hope that there is a full panel of options in the Interface tab. I also hope there is an easy toggle on/off. MMO Champs points us to Dynamic Cam as an addon which would surely need an update for this patch. Still, it should be fun.

Visit the Warden Emissary Guy
At Revered (and we are all revered by now) there should be a new cooking recipe. Speaking of, Nomi has been updated with a different version of burnt food. I’d wait until after the Reset to check with Nomi again.

Visit the Blood of Sargeras Vendor
He’ll be in Dalaran over by the Profession District. Icy Veins has a Gold Making: Blood of Sargeras page on how to make bank with the sudden onslaught of mats in the AH.

Look for new World Quests
I’ve yet to see the new zone, will it be like the Isle of Giants? It will be fun to explore and tame a pet and eventually get a Falcosaur Mount. The pet looks like a very long project. Expect a Call to Arms type quest to open the World Quests.

Resign Yourself to Mythics
It will be the Attunement to Kara and we have to go to Kara. Kara is the sunset and blueberries and the pot of nostalgic gold.

Plan an Old School Pet Run
Get some friends and run for Raiding with Leashes. Yes you can solo it but sharing pets you already have with friends is rewarding also. The final reward is … a Celestial Bunny. I’m all over that.

As we are discovering daily, Blizzard is over-loading the game with way too much to accomplish. Gathering professions alone can numb a peaceful player into waging war in PvP.

5 thoughts on “Organizing 7.1

  1. I didn’t want to play any alts this expansion because there’s so much to do. Sadly, it’s the only way to get those pets and professions done. I just wish there weren’t any dungeon requirements for many of these.

    Really looking forward to the new pet stuff and seeing the new Kara dungeon though.

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