Fixing 7.1

“We will burn that bridge when we come to it.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Fixing 7.1

I wonder how big the list of “things” are messed up in the new patch.

My short list is:

  • Beast Mastery hunters with the “change Hati to look different” is gone. Hati is back to Hati.
  • Casting Mushroom in Balance Affinity now pulls you out of Moonkin form.
  • My glyph to change my Moonkin Form to dripping stars is gone!

Well, we can’t let them hold us back. I dinked around for way too long trying to make a macro to speed my Resto-Druid-Questing-in-Balance-Affinity problem. I finally came up with a quick two-click macro.

/castsequence [@Wrathsome] Efflorescence, Moonkin Form

Like I said, way too long fixing something that used to work without thought.

Yet, here we sit; uneducated. Will they fix Hati and replace our missing glyphs? Or do we have to go do it all over again? Buying a glyph is no big deal but Hati was a long questline. Will they talk to us?

And that, my friends, is just me — playing for a couple of hours on patch day. The list must be huuuuge!

Keep the faith!

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