The March of the Alts

“Because you know I’m all about that bass,
‘Bout that bass, no treble.”

Meghan Trainor

The March of the Alts

Yesterday I stopped striving and pushing through Legion content on a tangent. I began going for the Raiding with Leashes achievement. It was (and is) great. In a lot a ways because it was NOT Legion but easy sauce.

My Classic Tactic is to run something a bunch to get the needed list small enough to look at what I still need. Do I read this right that the Lich King drops two different pets; dirty pool.

Yesterday was a good day because there was a puzzle to solve but I didn’t have to be a superhero. I have quite a few Alts at 100 who are nifty enough to take on these old raids. I had to get a friend to give me a quick tour of ICC and show me how to beat the gunship and where-to-turn-when in this big raid; I have it down now.

The end of Trials of the Champion offers a portal to Old Dalaran. Ulduar offers a portal back to the beginning of the raid. ICC, you jump (and die) off the platform and end up at the entrance. Since all are in northern Northrend, you want to stay in the area.

You earn about 800g on Heroic 25 man ICC, btw.

I think I have three pets left before I get the desired Celestial Invitation. I might have one more Alt who is salty enough to try them on 10 man Normal. I can wait until the Reset to try again. It was very satisfying, the pets are funny and cute and well-designed. Give it a go.

And … since we are all about the pets, the pets, the pets — I picked up two of the new Falcosaur direbeak hatchlings with some friends last night. We looked up the food to bring and went to the zones and embraced our orphans. Since I have stacks of Charms and pet leveling tokens, I zoomed one up to 25 and he fell asleep, exhausted! So very cute.

I think I read that there will be 30 quests involved with this direbeak pet (and all over again with the other three, I bet), so I’ve dragged the icon to the action bar to pull him out in case he has a task for me.

Fun stuff and a sooper-dooper nice tangent from the groaning responsibilities of Legion content.

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