Your Application Has Been …

Sadness: Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.

Inside Out

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I went to the movies with my sister to see Tom Hanks. It was nice out and that is reason enough to be cheerful.

Last night was Saturday night and WoW was hopping. Trade chat was alive, players were running all around in Dalaran. So, I decided that it was time to get Attuned to Kara. The first quest to get there is Mythic Halls of Valor.

Okay, I’m a healer, this should be cake. I’m 858, well geared and if it comes down to it, I have 375 buff food and the Whisper Pact flasks. I chose Germinaation and Stonebark for my dungeoning talents: ready to go!

I had joined (auditioned) via the group finder many times for raids and mythics in WoD, so that part was comfortable.

I see a group with a tank and three dps! I click to join.


Okay, I see a group that has Kara Attune in the description; ilevel 840.


Declined, declined, declined, declined, declined.

I double check all my stuff; my spec, my gear. I’m starting to get upset.

Declined. This rejection hurts. Nobody wants me.

I did what you would do too. I logged out. I got a plate of cookies. I turned on Inside Out by Pixar and cried all the way through the movie.

Poor Riley.

2 thoughts on “Your Application Has Been …

  1. As I and many others have noted on reddit (, there are about 10 times as many applicants for groups as there are spots. It’s slightly better for healers than DPS, but not that much better.

    If you are an average applicant, you will get rejected from 90% of groups you apply to. If you are an above average applicant, you may still get rejected from 80% of groups you apply to!

    Solutions: (1) Create your own group and/or
    (2) Find friends to play consistently with so you can find groups more easily


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