Fun Check!

“I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
Winston Churchill

Fun Check!

Rossi over at Blizzard Watch asks How do you feel about Mythic Dungeons? as one of their Breakfast Topics. It is good to know that I’m not the only one zeroing in on this part of the game as a definite choice.

We are two months into a two year expansion or 1/12th of the way done. There are a ton of questions like Jaina and Wrathion and where are they? If it were a book or movie, the author would still be describing the scenery. There is a lot to play still, relax!

I’m excited about Reset Day today as I am one pet away from Raiding with Leashes — I ran a LOT of Alts last week! The pet needed is from the final boss in Ulduar and I suspect a lower drop rate because we’d want the next step after the achievement and we’d already be in the instance.

I am searching the web for anything new on the Day of the Dead holiday. It is today and if there is new stuff, I want to find it! Very small window on those single day holidays.

I found the Bom’bay’s Color-Seein’ Sauce toy in Old Town next to the guy who sells the Alliance Chopper. I made such an effort to collect Lucky Shirts in the pre-expansion event, and this guy sells the shirts too.

Look a this! Visit this wonderful page right here for new information on a new Pet Daily — in Kalimdor! Click “like” for the author’s good effort.

Okay guys, another week and another World Boss — will you spend a bonus roll?

Happy Hunting and may all your hits … be crits!

One thought on “Fun Check!

  1. Wow, you really did run a lot of alts! I am a total slacker and am still working on the previous Raiding With Leashes. Those silly fragments in Black Temple just keep dropping dupes instead of the one I haven’t gotten.


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