Spectacular and Fabulous

Sometimes I’m so sweet even I can’t stand it.
Julie Andrews

Spectacular and Fabulous

I was with a friend of mine, chatting in Dalaran, and I was in “fire kitty” form using the toy from Firelands. My friend was in feral kitty form at the time. We both had Stardust out and then we used Narcissa’s Mirror on our pets.

In a nutshell: the mirror makes your pet look like you. The Stardust animation of “going celestial” and flying up and around now has your feral pet running in the air! It is quite spectacular. We used the biscuits to make the pets larger and simply chatted and admired ourselves.

If you back up a few steps, your pet will pivot and face you nose-to-nose which is adorable. It will last as long as you are in the zone. I’ve yet to try it on Stag Form while farming Starlight Rose, but I surely will. With a one-hour cooldown on the toy; it must (it must) be used all of the time!

Trust me; running around in the Dreamgrove in fire kitty form with a fire kitty pet following you will stop traffic.

I’m excited now. Stardust is quite spectacular with the animation but other pets do fun things like run in circles, fall asleep and dash off in directions. A little mini-me doing those things while … say fishing or farming would add to my amusement. Party up with Stinker and the Calico Cat and have my mini-me chase your mini-you.

Yes, if you use the Mirror on yourself as humanoid on the Argent Squire, your pet will mount up — I’ve yet to try it when I’m in kitty form and then mounting? What a headache!

In other news, Z is for Zeirah reports that we have Armor Stands. Visit this illuminating article called Filling the Order Hall Armor Stands for the full story.

ALL of my armor stands are empty! Z explains the how of filling our your racks and it feels like a fun project. Once upon a time, I had the Wardrobe Addon and it would show the armor sets — I don’t know why it doesn’t in the game. I might need that addon again, just for the set feature.

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