Ongoing World of Warcraft

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
Benjamin Franklin

Ongoing World of Warcraft

This game keeps rolling along like a train with a monkey as an engineer.

It is a big (big) design and the game is huge. Making changes along the way is a bit reassuring even as you wait, knowing that all agree that something is wrong. The next patch, 7.1.5, promises some much needed class tuning or downright changes and also yet another look at the most daunting of projects — secondary stats.

We watched the Live Stream yesterday with Watcher and Lore. It was a very chunky stream, why do we accept this technology? It reset several times and all struggled to keep track of what was being said by the presenters of our future.

Sometimes we like the lights more than the tree itself. Nice little things like Time Walking Pandaria, Micro-Holidays and the new Brawlers Season keep the in-between patches anticipated. Still, working on making our gear choices intuitive is crucial; players choosing much lower ilevels for desired Haste or Crit is bad design.

I had thought that Legion made secondary stats additive instead of multiplicative (the old way) so that at the end game we did not see super crazy high DPS numbers. Clearly that was not enough, especially with the neck pieces and rings which are pure secondary.

This player (me) wanted to drag Tava the Mage into a dark room and force his secrets to me. He as all the cooking recipes! I’ve been in service to the kingdom and Nomi since the beginning and even use an addon; this is frustrating!

Druids rule, others drool. I was in stag form with a friend on my back; we can both pick the same herb node. With a speed boost hour-long item from my order hall planting plot; we farmed Starlight Rose for an hour. My friend dinged up a level and we both gathered about 100 Starlight Rose. Not so grindy with a friend.

2 thoughts on “Ongoing World of Warcraft

  1. I started getting more recipes from Nomi when I collected more rank one recipes from the game. Do you have all that you can get from questing and vendors?

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