Success isn’t everything but it makes a man stand straight.
Lillian Hellman


Even though I am not leveling many of my Alts, I can put them to work to make a wee bit o’ gold. Perhaps showing you what I do would spark a few ideas of your own.

Keep it simple, my “chores” are merely flipping through my characters once a day for a total of about twenty minutes. Let’s take a look.

Three tailors making Hexweave Bags. Two sit at the Darenor Garrison table and keep me in fur and the herb from the vendor. The third sits at Ashlei to do the daily pet battle in Shadowmoon Valley; this is to slowly level up the parade of new pets from Legion.

The Sky Golem is a MoP recipe for engineers and desired by herbalists as they don’t have to dismount: and it looks cool. This means one Alt is at the Tillers farming Trillium and Ghost Iron Ore, one Enchanter is doing the Living Steel daily cool-down and one Engineer is doing the Jared’s Power Source daily cool-down.

One tailor makes (something like) 1.5 bags a week. A bag sells for around 1000g in the Auction House. The Sky Golem sells for 100,000g after one month of daily cooldowns.

Any Legion green gear goes to my dis-Enchanter and I sell the dust on the AH whenever it reaches 200 — this is a slow process but part of the 20 minute flip ’em turnstile.

That is my routine.

On top of this, our most recent patch offered Raiding with Leashes IV so those pets were in high demand, while shooting for the title I sold the extra pets. Today, the average sale is around 5000g. I can run about 10 Alts through ICC and Ulduar and Trial of the Champions, however once I got my Bunny, my interest is fading.

My courtesy when selling herbs (either gathered or from the Blood of Sargearas) is to put the Starlight Rose in stacks of 7 or 140; the rest is in 10s or 100s; this is because to make a flask it is 7/10/10. Give ’em what they want and how they want it is my motto.

I’m pretty casual about it. If I wanted to Make Gold, I’d empty out my bank of all the resources that get stacked and dump them en masse at the AH. ALL mats lose value over the arc of an expansion; sell that stuff now and always if you want to be a Greedy Goblin.

My intention is not to make gold. I am sitting on a pile from WoD.
My intention is to be free with my spending!

2 thoughts on “Altonomics

  1. Good tips for those who want to make more gold.

    “My intention is to be free with my spending!” This is a great mindset with gold. I have millions of gold, and the key for me now is to realize that spending it is worth it. Get those flasks for dungeons, get that BoE, get that mount, etc. Just like in real life, “you can’t take it with you.”

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