The Spirit is Willing

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The Spirit is Willing

Our raid team is on Heroic Emerald Nightmare, we’ve cleared up to Cenarius but have yet to face him. By the time we get there, it is a new week and a reset. This is all well and good, learning the progressive encounters is a lot of fun.

Last night was rough. Our Paladin healer could not make it, she was sick. I have no idea beyond “she got bad news” which makes my mind think the worse! She is the kind of gal who will open her mic so we can all hear her cat — adorable and fun, both she and the cat.

Our Druid tank is proving to be spotty. I think it is an ever-shifting job schedule that can be last minute. So, we had one of our DPS go Bear for the evening — I don’t think he was very happy but willing, willing to do it for the group.

Now to my point. The tanks on Ursoc were learning their swaps and taking a beating. So, I swapped talents: Prosperity to Cenarion Ward, Flourish to Stonebark — just like you would do. While we didn’t quite kill that boss, and so the numbers are not really “true”, what is surprising is that my numbers via Warcraft Logs didn’t really change as far as output!

On the last pull, why not: I changed from Spring Blossoms to Germination — mana beware. I was now in my Dungeon build.

I almost never change Talents in mid-raid. So, this isn’t a test bed by any means but I think in the goal of making Talent play-styles viable — that they’ve succeeded. Whether one is somewhat better or one is more situational or I have more points in a certain Artifact trait — overall, I should feel comfortable exploiting my favorite Talent build as “my build”.

That is a relief.

1,2,3,3,1,1,3 is my raiding build and I like the rhythm of spell casting. The team is learning to take care of itself on big bursties like the transition on the spider/bird. As the team gets more adept, we need to heal less and less; my goal to “pad” the raid with HoTs begins to make more sense until … we move to Trail of Valor on Sunday!


One thought on “The Spirit is Willing

  1. The talents you swapped to are my standard ones for ursoc (with the exception of stonebark) and it works really well.
    I spent most of our progression raids specced into cen ward tbh. Ive found through simply playing around enough that the cookie cutter build is a recommendation.. there are plenty of viable builds.
    Odyn, with his very long fight, gives incarnation a place to make a comeback.

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