Going for the Title

“Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don’t have time.”
Tallulah Bankhead

As usual, a lot is happening in the Weary World of Warcraft. I mean Wonderful World of Warcraft! I’m having a great time but it starting to feel like I’m filling my glass with the same drink over and over.

Around the time of Blizzcon and the most recent patch, I “think” I can see a drop off interest in the player base. World Quests are less crowded and my blog traffic is down! I was running some darn good traffic since about two weeks before the launch of Legion, things for me have slowed down. For me, it’s never been about the traffic. But I wonder if over all participation in the game is dipping.

Which makes me wonder if it is not all about having non-stop continuous content and it’s really that people like to level up doing quests and then are done. Maybe a mid-expansion release of leveling to 115 would be exciting.

I like the 12th Anniversary. I feel dumb that my main bought the Corgi Pup instead of stockpiling the Badges. I should have sent a lowbie Alt to buy the pet. 200 badges spent in the wrong place!

Legendary Item Level Hotfix
This is just a cache issue, your Legendary has been upgraded but it’s still displaying the old tooltip locally.

Simply exit WoW, go to the WoW folder on your PC and delete the Cache folder. Then open WoW again and your tooltips should update to reflect the new values. (Blue Tracker /

Can I say that this is not a solution? I do NOT like messing with any file folders in my computer. I don’t want to change the oil in my car. I can’t program my digital alarm clock; these things should take care of themselves.

I took a Costume Design class in college; not my strength at all. The first day I asked, in a drawl, the teacher about the sewing machine, “How do you change the oil on this puppy?” — she kicked me out of class for a day. For being a smart ass.

I deserved it.

Eventually we’ll have to decipher the 7.1.5 patch notes. The Potion of Prolonged Power purchase will be 10 instead of 20, doubling the price I imagine. Maybe stock up now?

Okay kids, time to do my dailies and get out of the house! I’m reading my first Jack Reacher novel and it is irresistible.


4 thoughts on “Going for the Title

  1. checking my wife’s character on the armory last night I saw it still shows her Legendary as 895. I guess the folks at Blizzard forgot to take their own suggestion.

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  2. I have to say that I’m finding the constant world quests to be challenging my thinking. I have no problems with dailies (and despite their name of world quests, they are dailies) but in all other expacs that had them, there was an end in sight, Once you hit exalted, or once you bought the last piece of vendor gear from them you could stop and go do other stuff (for me, it was alts). Z hit exalted with all the factions of Broken Isles last night (excluding the Fishing Guy) and yet there is no end in sight for her for the daily world quests any time soon,

    Because AP is infinite, there isn’t an end in sight, not really. I keep having this internal struggle with myself. I SHOULD be doing them religiously because that paragon level of 5%+ to healing is only 2 traits ( one with 3 ranks, and the other with only 1) away, but that’s going to be millions (I haven’t done the maths) of AP away. And I know once I do hit that 1st paragon level there’ll be another.
    As always though, it’s personal choice to do them but I find the “I should” mentality kicks in and takes a bit of the enjoyment away of how I spend my wow time. I’m not sure of the solution apart from to change my mindset, but I’m not sure how I feel about the AP/Legendary Weapon after a couple of months of actually being in a world with it in place.

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    • Yeah, AP needs to be kept up and it’s a burden, perhaps, via WQ’s and doesn’t arrive organically enough; you have to grind dungeons maybe.
      That really IS it, isn’t it? As you say, no end in sight …


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