How To Get Your Legendary

“Oh, what a tangled web do parents weave when they think that their children are naive.”
Ogden Nash

Legion Legendaries: How To

As of today, 11/19/16, Blizzard has spelled out how to get your Legendary.

There are four ways and only four ways to see a Legendary drop for you:

  • Emissary Cache
  • Raiding (including LFR)
  • Heroic RANDOM Legion Dungeons
  • Mythic (and Mythic Plus) Dungeons

Here is the Link from MMO Champions.

Your total time /played and average item level has no bearing on your chances of obtaining a Legendary.

To be a little more specific:

Player A and Player B could both have exactly 10 days of /played at level 110 and neither of them have a Legendary yet.

Player A has spent most of that time idling in Dalaran or their Order Hall, simply kicking it by the water cooler in guild chat or trade chat. Beyond doing their daily Emissary Cache and a Mythic Dungeon here or there, they don’t really do that much in the way of Legendary-eligible content. Now, Player A could get very lucky with their next Emissary Cache and get a Legendary, but they’d be a statistical outlier in this scenario.

Player B, on the other hand, has spent the majority of their time doing Legendary-eligible content. They do their daily Emissary Cache, clear Emerald Nightmare each week, do a Random Legion Heroic Dungeon regularly and participate in a lot of Mythic/Mythic Keystone dungeon runs to help out their friends etc.

At this point in time Player B’s chance of getting a Legendary will be much higher than that of Player A. As Player B has participated in far more Legendary-eligible content, their bad luck protection will be ramping up and increasing their chances of a getting a Legendary from their next run of Legendary-eligible content. Hence the saying “if you do the content, the Legendaries will come.”

That language is loaded. I could get up-in-arms on the language alone but I’ll choose to be offended by “content” as repeated events ad infinitum and not; say, questing.

So: those quests you get to do a something in a dungeon? Don’t cue for that dungeon, it is an empty vessel.

Most of us have a Heroic Dungeon quest spanning eight weeks, doing ten whopping random dungeons a week (if you stay up to cap, not me). This does suggest 7.1.5 as a mid-December drop, it also suggests full Artifact trees as well and, perhaps TWO legendaries via the Random Heroic Dungeon grind.

The language (again) seems to be pointed towards getting your first Legendary. We know that there is “bad luck protection” in place now (for the first) but remember that there is no limit on how many Legendaries you can win. It is hinted by the Devs that someday we might be able to equip three Legendaries and they also anticipate players swapping Legendaries for specific encounters.

Can I ask: how is running a LOT of Mythic/Mythic Keystone dungeon runs helping my friends?

There is no hinting at weighting which of The Four Ways to be more successful. Time-based alone, one would think that chaining Random Heroic Dungeons would stack the odds in your favor. However, the language suggests a LOT of Mythics.

Finally, the Blue Post Tweet from Blizzard is in response to a back-lash of player unhappiness. It is informative yet defensive. Reading the entire Blue Post (I only snipped the “how to” part) in the link above, players don’t like the randomness of the drop rate: they are pissed.


3 thoughts on “How To Get Your Legendary

  1. Ty for this. I did not know about 10 dungeons a week. 😞. I may be a long time completing that. If I have it. I’m not sure anymore. I’m just doing what’s fun.


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