Maudlin Monday

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”
Steven Wright

Maudlin Monday

Well, join me for a look at a casual player’s week.

We had our first look at Heroic Xavius last night, two pulls at the end of the evening. We did not get Ahead of the Curve but you can bet that we’ll be back!

The more I play with our Raid Team, the more I admire the pacing by our Raid Leader. With the next big raid not until mid-January, we still have goals and loots and achievements that we want to see. And, of course, Trial of Valor is sitting right over there; waiting for us to visit.

Like Bubbles of Mischief, I also got my new mount; the Viridian Sharptalon.

Visit Sharptalon Reunion to see the tale of the quest with pictures and everything!

Like Bubbles of Mischief says, “One down, three to go …”

I’m a fan of Kamalie Et Alia’s series on transmog called Sunday on the Promenade.

Check out the Exile from Eden set. Aw, what a great screen cap. Added is the look on other characters who could never be Exiles from Eden.

Alt Sensei Gnomecore rips (and tears and rends) into Professions in Legion.

Don’t even get me started on cooking.

A very thorough chastisement and castigation of the profession design, it’s great. Give him a visit and share your feelings.

RaidAdvice breaks down something that we are all facing Legion Mythic Plus Dungeons and the link is to his guide.

He hints that he could write a whole post on Druid Healers in Mythic Plus which we all would be very interested in. Not just talents but utility. Maybe he’ll even cover why Mass Entanglement will be a 30 second root instead of 20 in Patch 7.1.5. I mean, it’s gotta be for Mythic Plus.

Busy times for all of us. Raiding, questing, finding mounts, herbing, fishing and playing with friends. It’s a fine day in Azeroth.

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