The Fix Is In

“When I saw that black-eyed woman a-looking at me I wished I had a Bible.”
William Tell Sackett

The Fix Is In

I think that is an old-time gambling phrase, “the fix is in”. For us it means that, in this game, that we are supposed to win! Sometimes I forget about that and wonder why it is not easier to win but we do need the challenges.

The game has changed. The range in DPS on any fight is very wide. The focus on min/max even this early in an expansion is not nearly as severe. The tanks can hold aggro and survive. The shift, happily so, is beating the mechanics of a fight; or as my friends sometimes say, “do the dance”.

The gear upgrades that we see don’t make a huge impact. They make some, of course. Even last expansion, which I think was part of the transition, I could show up in my Heroic Raiding gear and almost carry a Normal raid. Today, it is tuned that we win but you can still die quite abruptly in a typical Heroic Dungeon.

We have been trained to strive for that bait, that small upgrade to our numbers. With the RNG of the warforged and titanforged rolls, we make Pavlov proud; we are back in the same darn dungeon pecking away.

So, does it matter? Getting tiny upgrades over a month of play will add up to a lot, if you play the “right way” as described by the Devs. But what really matters is the fun.

The game has got to be fun and making it so can be pretty elusive.

A long time ago, I was listening to Rewt and Freckleface on Hearthcast. This is a podcast. Rewt asked Freck what is the main reason that players play the World of Warcraft and her answer was “to show off”.

You want to show off your mount, your gear, your pet, your toys, your humor and coolness; even if you are only running on errands. You might save perfume or wands or a giant foam sword for the right moment … to show off how cool your stuff is in the game.

I know this is a late tangent but I think it was a mistake to have the Class Order Halls be so significant. They tried to leave out the mail box so players would go back to Dalaran but that was kind of weak. The Order Hall is for business and Dalaran is for looking cool and we seem to be logging out in the Order Hall.

Not me, baby. I’ll be seeing you in Dalaran.

Gamer Girl, Country Boy — Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller

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