Haunting Visions

“There’s been a concerted effort to steal Christmas.”
Jerry Falwell

Haunting Visions

I wanted to watch a movie called Sunshine Cleaning with Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. So, being an avid WoW player; I fished. Wowhead offered some coordinates in some comment section.

/way Azsuna  55.45 26.34 Tugboat

And I caught it after 167 casts and a nice little movie.
Then I went to …

/way Val'sharah 24 56 Can of Worms

and caught the Cat Head on the first cast, not the Can of Worms!

I think it might be any “open water” to find these toys. It is fun, the Rubber Ducky is the best and I could stop there … but I won’t!

Do you know who has haunted me this past 20 years?

Michael Jordan.

MJ has been haunting me.

Michael Jordan might be the greatest basketball player ever, many argue so. But, after he won three titles for the Chicago Bulls, he quit. He quit to play baseball. And … he kinda sucked at baseball. He loved baseball but he was minor league. Then he went back to basketball and won three more championships.

This haunts me.

What if I chose to play a healer but I could have been a world-best tank? I would never know! How many used-car salesmen would have made fantastic tele-evangelists? How many congressmen would have been excellent teachers.

How many Michael Jordans are there in the world who are just one sport away from greatness? That is you. You, who you are, made choices in your life; what if you could have been amazingly great merely one step over? But, here you are; pretty good — good enough for minor league but not great.

Maybe I would have been a great Dad. Or a fund raiser. Or an international jewel thief. I coulda been a contender.

Comedian? Well, we all know I’d not be even minor league at that!

This kind of thing drives me nuts. I blame Michael. I don’t blame Mick Jagger for trying to be an actor or Ronald Reagan for trying to be a politician. It was MJ who was flying high and tried baseball — that drove it home.

Y’know, we are not trapped. We can try tanking. Or writing or running for office. We can try cooking and arranging flowers. Maybe greatness, world-class greatness, for us; is only one step away from our chosen path.

2 thoughts on “Haunting Visions

  1. It’s so true isn’t it. I have a friend who only a few months ago started making cakes. Not your everyday run of the mill out of a packet cake, these are amazing creations that look like works of art, filled with things that you wouldn’t think possible – like the lolly cake that you slice into and it’s filled with lollies or iced and decorated in ways that wouldn’t look out of place in an award winning bakery. She just upped and decided to have a go – no cookery or decorating classes and she is just simply amazing at it. It’s scary what talents we might have inside us that we might never know about.

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  2. Way back when I first started blogging — writing Resto4Life — it lead me to develop and find several skills I would have thought to be unrelated to the process of blogging itself. (I never did become a fabulous digital painter, though!)

    As far as the role I chose when playing WoW, I played a DPS character for years in EverQuest (a game in which it was infinitely more difficult to start over), and knew I didn’t want to do so again. Big, strong, beefy characters have never appealed to me, so I decided on a healer. Of course, initially Priests were far better than Druids as main healers — we didn’t even have a standard resurrection!! — but the *lore* of the class couldn’t be beat … even if our tier sets were far less impressive.

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