Healing Doctor Weavil

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” Helen Keller

Healing Doctor Weavil

If you are a healer; and you are, you’ll be asked eventually to visit Alcaz Island off of Theramore to help your hunter friends. There you will face many obstacles with your friends and, really, have a lot of fun.

Your hunter wants to tame a mechanical pet and these are beauties. The mechanical dog looks great and the spiders, with the wheels and headlights are awesome. The deal is; you have to best the dreaded Dr. Weavil to get the Electrified Key so the spiders can be tamed.

Get in Phase
If Theramore has a big crater from a mana bomb (if you did the Fall of Theramore scenario) you will need to visit a lady on the road to turn back time. She’s on the big road just out of Theramore. Otherwise, you’ll see an empty Alcaz Island.

Come in Low
There are anti-aircraft weapons that will shoot you out of the sky. I knew it was coming and tried a Goblin Glider but it was like hitting an invisible wall. I just slid down the wall.

Track Mechanicals
Have you hunter friend turn on Track Mechanicals — and then stay right on his tail. He can weave through the very deadly mines which are buried and can’t be seen.

Tank and Spank
Remind your ditzy friend (he IS a hunter after all) to have their pet on Tenacity. The pet will take a beating and that is why you are invited. With a healer along, it is pretty easy and a lot of fun. I have the pet frames turned on in Vuhdo, so can you.

The Good Doctor
He is up the stairs in one of the buildings. Kill all the trash. You don’t need an Electrified Key for the mechanical dog who is on patrol on the bottom floor, he can be tamed. We were super cautious on the Doctor but after several kills, we got the interrupt down and felt confident.

The Silver Mechanical Spider
He is underneath. You’ll enter down into an underground area and swim under the water and back up. The Spider does nothing without the key. He must drop to 30% (as I recall) before he can be tamed. Be a healer and toss in some deeps too. The guy looks great, well worth the trip.

The Golden Mechanical Spider
I did not get to see this guy. I assume it is the same model but a different color.

You can win too. I wanted and hoped for the Big Red Raygun toy but we had no luck. Next time, maybe we’ll farm the trash for a little longer.
I did collect a lot of Machine Fluid and Drudge Fluid which I can use on my battle pets; kind of fun.

If you are asked: say “yes”. The run is much easier with a dedicated healer. It is a fun tangent on the road less traveled. And your hunter will owe you one.

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