Blackened Friday

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Blackened Friday

No, I won’t be shopping. You know me better than that; when they say “you can save hundreds” that meant that you spent thousands. It’s a sucker bet. Everything that I see for sale would be replacing something that I already have.

However! A lot of people get an extra day off here in the US of A, if they are teachers or have jobs like that — it is great to see so many players in the game with fun tangential ideas to explore.

I have been one upset little night elf. Having listened to the Hearthcast podcast for years and years, when Windows 10 was forced on me; the player would not play! It sucked. I tried some methods but refused to download itunes. I have found! My spirit is soothed to hear my old friends once again.

Family Familiar
This is an achievement of achievements. I think that is called a meta? However it is called, it is a daunting task. Besting certain Pet Battle Tamers with each class (aquatic, dragons, magic teams) is fun. However, if one gets stumped, saves the day. This link is for the tamers and in the upper-left you choose the class. Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategy is a life-saver when you feel cornered.

Gnomecore’s Genius
Brother Gnomecore’s ability to strip down the flood of information and realize an intelligent viable strategy is unparalleled. What a Week! maps out how we can best take advantage of the garrison resource weekly with the rep buff. Get on it and do the things. A time investment now carries us far into the next month.

Deez Wurds
In response to I Wonder How Many People Were Smart in Draenor written by Deezwurds, I would say that, yes, I made a lot of gold in WoD and I’m sitting on it and I feel a LOT of empathy with this statement:
The old formula is not as enticing as it was these past 7 years.  Level, dungeon, raid.  I am even having trouble with keeping pace to the story since so much revolves around dungeons and raids.
I feel that Legion is a bit too complex and might be designed for the hard-core players to shut them up about lack of content. With the designers intent on proving their point and, really, driving it home; those of us who can’t “do it all” are left adrift and mildly discontented. We don’t need catch-up mechanics or catch-up gear, we need time to see all of the things involved in the big picture.

Bankrolling An Alt
I have a good friend to whom I funnel herbs in exchange for raiding flasks and potions. I decided that it is time to take my lonely level 100 up to 110 and get my own Alchemist in the works.
It is a lot harder than I thought it’d be — there are hurdles and barriers. On the advice of Wow Professions, I waited until I was 110. I can get the dungeons and raids done but my map! Figuring out what is an Order Hall quest vs a zone quest vs a class quest is really confusing; even with the quest log menu. It’ll get done, I promise — I’m just saying that it was a shock how non-linear the process is for the desired path.

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