Lost in Legion

“Blushing is the color of virtue.”

Lost in Legion

Bloggers, I love you. Same with Podcasters. Seeing shared experiences and frustrations below the strata of the Elite in the World of Warcraft is grounding and re-assuring. I’d even say that this is crucial to my enjoyable playing experience.

A Good Book Has One Plot raises some questions that I find worthy of answers, though I can not answer them.

Which leads me to think …

Am I totally wrong to think that the Emerald Nightmare is corruption from the Old Gods that started long before the current invasion of the Legion? It seems that our own positive Wild Gods have been corrupted like our besties in Ulduar; Thorim and Freya etc. I see tentacles when fighting Xavius, I don’t see fiery demons.

And, in the next raid, Nighthold; aren’t we dealing with Gul’dan — the asshole from the last expansion? Cleaning up Azeroth, so to speak. This will be patch 7.2.

So, if 7.3, way down the line, when we take the fight to another planet really the beginning of Legion? This must be when we see Wrathion with his “vision of many planets beyond Azeroth” hinted back in Pandaria.

Are we now simply cleaning up a messy planet and not dealing with the Invasion yet?

In High Mountain we are resolving some old tribal problems to get them to all work together against the invasion, for example. We are feeding junkies in Suramar with a long back-story of isolation. On and on, we don’t seem to be fighting the Legion.

We need a “the story as we know it” recap.

The invasions with the portals opening introduced us to the Broken Isles which seem to have been moving along for quite a while. We do see some demonic portals in a few quest lines, which we close.

We need to resolve Sylvanas and Genn Graymane so we don’t have a civil war, we need to resolve Jaina, Anduin needs to make a postive impact as the leader of the Alliance and, finally, Wrathion needs to show up — but that all looks to be 7.3. Could this expansion be a three year expansion?

7.0, 7.1, 7.1.5, 7.2 are all patches to clean up our past stuff and to help unite the clans to fight the Legion. I’m sure I have the sequence awry but; no wonder players are confused as to what are we doing in the game right now — we are not fighting the Legion; the namesake of this expansion.

Patch 7.2 must also be the Tomb of Sargeras raid; somewhere in there.

All that being said: I’m having a great time! I love raiding and am lucky enough to be with a team that plays regular.

7 thoughts on “Lost in Legion

  1. Thank you for sharing and elaborating better than I could.

    If I could come up with an analogy, it’s like they took 10 Warcraft authors, had them all write a story from a perspective, and they were all named Legion. Everyday you pick one up, but it’s not one you were reading the day before, and somewhere in the midst they all swapped so the story is now being told by someone else.

    I’m starting to believe 3 years may not be it entirely, but the beginning of a never ending game. No more expansions per say. But just an ever evolving game.


  2. From a strategic point of view, it makes a lot of sense.
    – First and foremost, we earned the respect of all the corresponding nations and picked up the Pillars of Creation. They will be crucial to shut the main portal in raid, it was spilt by Blizzard many times.
    – Second, we made sure nothing strikes us in the back during our assault on the Tomb itself. We deal with legion camps, commanders, and their attempts of corruption that have already started to make its way into broken isles inhabitants.
    – Third. Suramar is a place of strategic importance. Nightwell is a source of immense power, and Suramar is the closest point to the portal. There’s a massive elven force, powered by the Welll itself, the Fel and Legion’s legions. If you follow the up-to-date Nightfallen campaign quests, we’re already at the gates and out of the ground. We ensured their independence from Nightwell and are ready to strike at the city.
    Our grip is becoming tight.
    So it all rolls very smooth and logical. I guess we’re just confused with Nomi issues to see the whole picture 🙂

    P.S. As for Xavius, my toons rightfully leave my druid to deal with him. It’s their expertise and it’s their problem. The others just passed by.

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    • I guess I’m mixed up with back story fill ins, origins of key players, some brief advancements, like Slyvanis, Illidan is like a season of Game of Thrones where they go on break mid season. What is the most frustrating is figuring out what you should be doing. Will I find out 3 months from now I should have been doing Withered these past weeks. It’s like the game has gone from short stories told in 10 quests, to massive campaigns spread out over months


      • Pandaria was enhanced too, and we didn’t even have a plan then 🙂 We learnt about Sha, then we dealt with Sha-corrupted Mantid. Then there was a brutal Alliance/Horde clash. Then we dealt with mogu who chose right this time period to ressurrect from slumber and they had nothing to do with Sha. Zul Again. And then we’re back to Alliance/Horde and Sha.

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      • You mean there was more to Pandaria than Halfhill and the Timeless isle?


        But I do have a suspicion that bits and pieces from expansions back through to Burning Crusade, maybe even further are all going to get tied in somehow. I wish I had time to go do all of the old dungeons and raids just to be able to read quest text, and look at everything. I think you may be right it’s similar to MoP, just formatted differently with more to do.

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