Fun Check!

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
Margaret Fuller

Fun Check!

I was working a load-in as a local on a touring rock and roll show. The scenery was made of steel, I kid you not. 60 men working on a vast stage setting up lights, sound, sets. One of the roadies sarcastically shouted out “fun check!” All the union guys cheered, glad to have work! That steel show was a nightmare, we finished at 3am.

I am having a great time in this World of Warcraft. Having read many blogs, I felt I needed to make sure I was doing what I liked the best (a fun check). Sure enough, I’m raiding with team mates, guildies and friends. Sometimes four nights a week, not often but sometimes.

Since the Wrath of the Lich King, my goal on my characters has been to be strong enough to be invited. To that end, I often obsess on being powerful. This expansion, Legion, it is harder to “get ahead” than ever before; the built in mechanics drag you slow.

Still, I am 870 with two legendaries. Last night, on Normal, we were doing the Spider/Bird boss. The other healers died on the transition and I solo healed that island to a kill! That felt great and wonderful. Sure, several of the players were very well geared but — it was me, healing them all.

My new legendary, the second, is a PvP ring. That hurts a lot. If I impair movement, I might get a speed buff to run fast and a 15% haste buff for a while. Clearly, this sucks for raiding but might be handy for dungeons, maybe; if we all talk about it. I put Entangling Roots on my 1 key and try to fold it into my play; the haste buff should be nice … a little bit, for a while.

Most of Emerald Nightmare is not designed with a Druid healer in mind. We get strong by running multiple HoTs on a player; and in a raid, we get stretched very thin. A couple of the fights support a stacking mechanic so Spring Blossoms can be a factor. I don’t know if they’ll admit that the Mastery design was a mistake but it sure is taxing to keep up, numerically, with the other healers.

In Dungeons, Druid healers are bad ass; pure and simple!

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