Druid Healing: Emerald Nightmare

“People in their right minds never take pride in their talents.”
Scout Finch

Druid Healing: Emerald Nightmare

My Talent choices are: Prosperity, Displacer Beast, Guardian Affinity, Mass Entanglement, Soul of the Forest, Spring Blossoms, Flourish.

My starting point was and continues to be: Resto Druid Legion Survival Guide for 7.0 by Restokin. The best in the business.

Blizzard locks in your choices unless you leave to town or have a Change-Your-Mind Tome. When we were in new progression where every fight was new and a challenge, I used Stonebark and Cenarion Ward until the tanks got their swaps down.

Seeing all of your players scattered about, you’d not think Efflorescence would be much use but looking at the logs: it is very powerful. Expect to shine on stacking bosses: Nythendra, Ursoc, Dragons of Nightmare and Xavius (very much on Xavius).

Dragons is fun because the group is split. When there are three healers, I am often on the island and responsible solely for my group. Druids do this very well except when you Displacer Beast right out of a portal into … say, Feralas.

For the longest time, I used Typhoon to help get the blobs next to the Eye. Now, I have a stupid Legendary Sephuz’s Secret. While the stats are great, I’m trying (perhaps foolishly) to weave in Entangling Roots to get the 15% Haste proc for ten seconds. I don’t want to interfere with the tanks by using a knock-back over and over, hopefully Entangling Roots isn’t even noticed.

The idea of using Innervate as a raid cooldown simply doesn’t go over with my group. I have it twice on my action bar, one is a macro that is targeting me. Mana is rarely an issue except for The Eye. We are *this close* to potting and heroism on the first phase in there to finish him off.

Without true tier sets, the Emerald Nightmare is an entry raid. There is no need to pug into another group to get that fourth piece using a dedicated bonus roll. Settling into a stock Talent Tree will make you confident.

My gem choice and enchants are all Haste. Theory has it that this will be better for raiding. I waffle and panic and think I want to change them all to Crit almost every day — but, it is only the first raid; relax!

While you are raiding, one finds themselves returning again and again to guides. Understanding what your spells do and how to use them needs reinforcement from the experts!

We’ll talk about Trial of Valor some other day but I suspect Inner Peace will be awesome on the second boss.

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