AotC: Xavius

“Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.”
Emily Dickinson

AotC: Xavius

Woot. Got the Ahead of the Curve achievement last night! It had to happen as we were progressing and getting better and faster at downing the lead-in bosses. I’d expect we are exactly in the middle of raid progression on WoW; classic casual family friendly raiding.

And then we promptly went and downed the first two bosses in Trial of Valor on Normal; mostly sight unseen. Candidly, I’d like to stick with Heroic EN until we are all “geared” a little better.

I am 33/34 on my Artifact. I am much more excited about the 35th than the 34th. With the Knowledge Research, I don’t think I’m ahead or behind anyone — we are all the same.

The more I see the design of Legion, the more I see the emphasis on Dungeons. While it is not typical to have raiding tier-set bonus gear in the first raid of an expansion — it is what sets raiders apart from dungeoneers. We won’t have tier sets in Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor nor Nightfall. To see Watcher’s face on the Dev Panel, it seemed like he’d not even thought of tier. He’s not even thinking of raiding; he is force feeding his vision of the expansion which is dungeons.

Tomorrow, on Reset Day, I’ll have a something in that Mythic Plus cache! The design is working, having done about 25/80 heroic dungeons; I felt familiar enough with the layout to try some Mythic Plus. Players on my raid team call it the Cache of Disappointment. We’ll see what Santa Watcher gives me tomorrow; I hope it is not coal.

Tangent Time
When we were late in WoD, in the one-year lull, I ran eight mythic dungeons a week. Four on one character and four on another. The goal was Valor Points and upgrading my gear. The other goal, this late in the xpac, was to try for a specific piece of gear that when warforged would be BiS. So, I was cherry-picking which dungeons to run.

I liked having a goal and hope every time I ran those dungeons, often with a Bonus Roll token ready. It is very much different now with Mythic Plus and the promise of “something really good at the end of the week”. That empty promise doesn’t make me excited. Going for a BiS trinket off a specific boss (hello Mana Injector) was a lot more fun.

Finally: can anyone explain what this patch note for 7.1.5 means? They are mucking with our Mastery which is important. Is it better or worse?

Mastery: Harmony Your healing is increased by 4.8% for each of your Restoration heal over time effects on the target$@switch[], up to 3. Druid – Restoration Spec. target. Druid – Restoration Spec.

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