Santa WatcherDev

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa Baby

Santa WatcherDev

Or maybe the Grinch?

The topic is still RNG and how Blizzard is not being generous. We know the “why”, it is to keep us running the same thing over and over and over.

Last night, our Raid Team blew through Heroic Emerald Nightmare. We had only gotten the AotC last week, so it was a very good feeling. Casual but in focus, we wiped twice on Spider/Bird but otherwise one-shot everything.

As long as I’ve been running EN on normal and heroic, I’ve used a bonus roll on Ursoc and the Dragons; wanting the trinkets. I’d safely guess that we have downed those two every week since the dungeon came out. Kills and Bonus Rolls and no trinket.

I happen to like “on use” trinkets, I think they are fun. Even the random proc trinkets add flavor if not more power. I want them!

The deal is: our group won drops as raids typically do — and in Legion, you can give away drops that are lower than your own stuff. Which is great since we have a couple of players who can not make it every night and are suddenly geared in heroic stuff!

The deal also is: it can be depressing to see that there is nothing for you. Even if you get a drop (yay!) you are giving it away to someone else. That might sound a wee bet selfish but after a full run of a raid — I’d like an upgrade to my gear.

Santa RNG is not being generous and I’ve been a good boy this year — I run my dungeons and World Bosses and LFRs. I’m needing some RNG Love!

My Achievement Pane says that I’ve done 1124 World Quests. So, lets guess maybe 200 Emissary Caches. Since I DO do raiding and dungeons and LFRs, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an upgrade in gear from an Emissary Cache. Crappy design, it doesn’t work.

C’mon Santa: ’tis the season!


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