Goldmaking: 7.1.5

“When you expect things to happen – strangely enough – they do happen.”
J.P. Morgan

Goldmaking 7.1.5

We know this patch will not come out until “after the holidays”. So, four or five weeks away from today (Dec. 8, 2016).

We know that there will be massive changes in class balancing and secondary stats, suddenly changing everything. One can only hope that the best guides like Icy Veins keep up — in any case, check the date of their postings.

What does that mean?

Enchants and Jewel Crafting will see a bonanza! Everyone and everyone has to re-set their sockets and enchants.

That first week, prices will skyrocket and will slowly resettle. Time to make some gold, right?

What to do now: stockpile. Keep an eye on the AH for cheap mats. Use your BoS vendor with the eye of stockpiling. You want to have plenty on hand to flood the market Day One or Two (maybe let the others set the price and undercut).

I believe Enchanters will get new recipes for lower stat enchants and JCs will get five or six new gems to cut.

If you are NOT an Enchanter or Jewel crafter — be ready to sell those mats and ore; they will be in demand. Buy low today, sell high on patch day; or just go mining for a while.

Lets get some gold on 7.1.5


5 thoughts on “Goldmaking: 7.1.5”

    1. 12 new enchants
      From MMO Champs:
      Enchanters get some new neck enchants that are inexpensive to craft.

      Rank 1 can be purchased from a vendor in Farondis.
      Rank 2 is found on creatures from specific Broken Isles zones after you know the first rank.
      Rank 3 has a 20% chance to be found in an emissary chest for that zone, after you know the first two ranks

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