Druid: Depth of Class

“Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives.”
Oscar Wilde

Druid: Depth of Class

I am always interested in how deep I can go into my class. I’ve felt for a long time that having spread myself over several that I was missing much of what I can do. In healer spec, I’d love to “go bear” and tank that second dragon add in Cenarius but they need my heals: still, you get my thinking.

I have a level 100 Druid Alt, mostly from gold missions in WoD. I began to think that in 7.2 we will have across-account flying and how nice it would be to have a miner/herbalist; a Pure Farmer. Sometimes on your Main it is great to wander over and pick some herbs but the other profession is crafting and you eye that ore node with sadness.

So, I took my level 100 to new Dalaran. And jumped off the edge.

I used my Goblin Glider and flew down into Suramar (110 territory). I began picking Starlight Rose (it was dust, of course) and Leystone Ore. I’m super fragile and that is part of the fun and the point of writing this today.

  • Stag Form is insta-cast and as fast as a ground mount.
  • Displacer Beast and Shadowmeld can get you out of trouble (rarely needed).
  • Entangling Roots (Talent) can hold mobs in place while you pick or mine.
  • Force of Nature (Talent), the treants pull aggro while you race on to the next node.

And it is fun! Within ten minutes I had the Herbing and Mining quests back in Dalaran. I had the two flight points “on the road” in Suramar. I had pre-planned to use Entangling Roots but I didn’t know that I could cast Force of Nature in Stag Form.

These little things about my class are really nice to discover.

So, at this point my plan is super-simple. Get to 110 by 7.2 (plenty of time) and get some 800 gear from a friend or the AH when I ding 110. No Artifact, no order hall, no quests; just a Pure Farmer using the speedy talents of the Druid!


2 thoughts on “Druid: Depth of Class”

  1. I love this, and exactly why druid is my first love. My main, well former main I suppose, is an herbalist and (dis)enchanter. I love herbing as a druid. I’m trying other druid races and desperately miss Shadowmeld.

    You can prowl in all specs, yes? I didn’t see that on your list. 🙂

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