Power Realized Achievement

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
Frederick Douglass

Power Realized Achievement

It is an Artifact Achievement. I got it yesterday, I was striving for it. Not for the Achievement but for the trait after that.

Getting this “Power Realized” achieve didn’t resonate well with me because the final traits that I was filling in were super weak traits. Of course I saved the crummy ones for the end. The last ones that I accomplished with massive AP, mind you, were the tiny weak traits.

The next, however, is a huge 5% buff to all my things.

Ideally, the achievement would have and should have included this 5% buff. Then the Achievement would be a true reward. Maybe they were afraid we would not continue. This is called “paragon”, the traits after filling your Artifact.

In 7.2 we will get a bunch of new traits. I hope that they are “good” ones. WatcherDev in the recent interview said that they don’t know what they will do and said perhaps that they’d “refund our AP”. I would be sorely bummed if they took away the Paragon trait buffs.

Trait 35; Paragon 1

  • +5% Damage – DPS bonus
  • +5% Healing – Healer bonus
  • +10% Armor – Tank Armor
  • +5% Health

The next is only a one percent step taking you to 6%, then next is nothing; riding on the 6% then 7%. As you can see, it is slow going but there is nothing else to use the AP you’re gaining upon.

With 7.2 being easily 10 weeks away, I might be close to an overall 10% buff to all of my stuff. With higher gear levels, this will be significant except that everyone else will be on the same train.

Still, I don’t want a refund. Putting points into future traits like “2% speed buff after a successful kill for 10 seconds” (I made that up) will be a big step down from an over-all percentage buff.


2 thoughts on “Power Realized Achievement

  1. What made me frustrated is getting the one big one prior to that. One that just screams, you will take Surrender to Madness and like it. Now I need 3 more trivial ones to unlock the last. And I’m not even anxious for the extra 5%

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