Underlight Angler: First Impressions

“Money doesn’t talk, it swears.”
Bob Dylan

Underlight Angler: First Impressions

Go ahead and look up in your Achievement Panel: Professions; Fishing; Bigger Fish to Fry. Odds are that, like me, you have a lot of them done already. I was surprised that I had a bunch of them. I used Wowhead to finish up some of the bits and pieces.

To get the Underlight Angler Artifact Fishing Pole you need to be 110, have 800 fishing and the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement. That’s it.

After getting Bigger Fish to Fry, I fished in about ten pools and got the Pearl and it was off to the races to get my Artifact. Fun scenario, good quick quest chain, the item looks great and (what a relief) fairly painless.

Here is the Wowhead information: Underlight Angler.

Having gotten my new Cool Thing, I had to go fishing, right? More fishing. I don’t need fish. I don’t. The way it works is that if you are using the fishing pole, the rare fish you used to fish up are now used as Artifact Power for your fishing pole.

As any sensible fisherman would do; I stocked up on Arcane Lures from the Drowned Mana on the Dalaran Island and headed to the Irongrove Retreat. Non-stop pools, Ancient Mana for my Withered Training and some AP for my new pole. Any lure I got, I stacked it on the Arcane Lure; worked great.

If you click on the talent tree it will give a message to go to your Order Hall. That is a lie. I went there twice! Lost! You upgrade your pole in Dalaran by the fountain where the quest chain began and ended; the Pearl.

The first main advantage is the “port within 100 yards to the next pool”. Merely okay, with a five minute cooldown it is just a fun thing. The next Trait is a chance to fish up Blood of Sargeras. I got two in 50 casts, not very good and there are a lot better ways to get BoS.

I put my main weapon and the fishing pole on the Action Bar, side by side. This is so I could easy swap in case some baddie came to get me! I wish the pole had a ton of stamina on it.

First Impression: wonderful! It is not mandatory at all. It is not super-powered to give you any real advantage. It is flavor, fun and funny looking. If you have to fish for some buff food; go ahead and use your new Underlight Angler Artifact Fishing Pole. I’m glad they have us long-time fishermen a gizmo to play with in Legion.


5 thoughts on “Underlight Angler: First Impressions

  1. Congrats!
    One of these days — when I’ve gotten my alts all their Artifacts — I’ll have to finish fishing up all those rare fish with Kamalia to complete my Artifact collection with the Underlight Angler.


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